Kristofer Lund


This is a non exhaustive list of projects I am working on or have worked on.

C–ATTS – Composite attestations are a new type of attestation combining data from multiple sources to form a unified and verifiable credential.

ic-siws is a project that enables Solana wallet-based authentication for applications on the Internet Computer (IC) platform.

ic-siwe is a Rust library that provides the necessary tools for integrating Sign-In with Ethereum (SIWE) into IC canisters, allowing users to sign in using their Ethereum wallets.

ic-use-internet-identity is a hook that makes it easy to integrate Internet Identity into your React application. It provides a simple interface for logging in and out with the Internet Identity service.

ic-use-actor is a React hook and context provider for managing Internet Computer (IC) actors with features like type safety and request/response interceptors. ic-use-actor makes interacting with Internet Computer canisters more fun!

attest-fest Batch create onchain EAS attestations using the power of CSV and copy/paste. Supports any old ETH wallet as well as fancy new Safe multisig wallets. It's an attest fest, yaay!

duet-gpt is an experimental AI powered CLI tool and semi-autonomous agent that helps developers with coding tasks and file system tasks.

ic-pos Accept Bitcoin payments (ckBTC) on the Internet Computer using this simple Point of Sale (POS) application.